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>> i am concerned about the senseless violence happening around a harbor. obviously, this weekend brought the situation to a head and we need to make sure that we address that very seriously and and forcefully it is the premiere destination that city officials have to protect requests we cannot lose sight of the fact that this is a spillover of what happens each and every day throughout the city of baltimore. we need to take strong actions to stop this violence from occurring. >> 11 news also contacted general growth properties, the company that owned the harbor place to ask what it is doing to keep citizens safe. it issued this safe -- of this statement. >> the safety of our shoppers and employees are our top concern. the center continues to work closely with the baltimore police department and constantly
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about your wits our safety procedures. >> the committee says it is too early to tell what effect it will have. there were not commenting on this at all. detectives are still working the case and so far there are no suspects and no arrests. reporting live, lisa robinson: wbal-tv 11 news. >> we would like your thoughts. will the violence stop you from visiting? >> tonight, we have learned of a developing story. a state legislator proposes to the fiancee. >> this is now under an internal investigation. no one has been suspended. the state delegate is a democrat from baltimore county. his marriage proposal was
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reported by the gazette. the story goes the wall proposing to his fiancee, aboard a boat, a police boat and a police helicopter arrived on the scene to make it look like a real police investigation was going on. apparently, police even boarded the boat while the proposal was under way. it was all a prank, but commanders were not amused. they have launched an investigation to see who approved the use. we have left a number of messages but so far there is no response. we are trying to track down the head of the state ethics commission. one man is dead and another hospitalized after an early- morning stabbing in college park. officers were called to check on
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to people in the 8900 block of rhode island ave. there is no word on the condition of the other men involved. the howard county sheriff's department is offering a $5,000 reward leading to the arrest of a prisoner that escaped custody. they have only received one tip. he was being transported thursday night when he used his handcuffs to choke a sheriff's deputy before fleeing on foot. if you have any information on his whereabouts, you are asked to call the sheriff's office. callers can remain anonymous. a truck carrying milk overturned and we were over the scene just after 10:30 a.m.. police say the driver was making a delivery to a local wipe -- local waffle house when it put a
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wire and overturned. there were no injuries. a 55-year-old woman was charged of operating a boat under the influence of opt -- alcohol. and she hit six other boats and to appears -- and two appearpie. one victim was taken to the hospital with non threatening injuries. homeowners were shocked to find that their mortgage lender was having major financial problems. action has been taken against the mortgage company. barry simms joins us live from the studio with more. >> they cannot make any new loans, but 9000 maryland homeowners are wondering what to do about their payments. >> the federal housing administration stopped them from
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writing in the -- any new mortgages. now customers are wondering who holds their mortgages. questions led to federal government action. >> the company never notified them. they have gone in and seized files. we do not know what they are after. they failed to submit an annual report. there were concerns of fraud and they failed to disclose business practices. housing and urban development has proposed this format of the chief executive officer. they reason $9 million settlement after questioning underwriting.
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we are no longer resident underwriting or processing loans in any jurisdiction effective wednesday, august 5, 2009. thank you. that is what customers get when they call the corporate headquarters. those who have tried to contact the customer service line on getting this -- [busy signal] >> the company's suspension earlier this month forced about 1000 employees out of work. regulators say that they still have 150 people trying to handle calls. what's the most important thing is that the company has assured us that no late fee is will be charged for the next 60 days and a negative credit reporting will be done for the next 60 days. >> attempts to contact the company were unsuccessful.
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if you have questions about payments, you can find answers on our website. live in the studio, barry simms. >> as the health-care debate continues to unfold, there are more signs that that government insurance option may soon be off the table. that proposal emerged as one of the hot-button issues a washington bureau reporter has more. >> the president has shifted to downplaying the role of a public auction in health care reform. >> another day, another emotional demonstration over health care. but since there has been so much misinformation out there, let me say this. one thing that reform will not change is veteran health care. no one is one to take away your benefits. that is the plain and simple
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truth. >> he avoided comment on a proposal causing the most anxious, new government insurance for those lacking coverage. the administration seems to be backing away from the public option. the president calls a river of reform. his health secretary is saying that it is not essential. instead, a senate bill calls for non-profit health co-ops. >> their idea would be to construct a provider network, a set of benefits and that would have to compete. they would compete with the private insurers. they have the potential to disrupt town hall meetings. >> you want to give everybody health insurance. that is not a right given by the federal government. >> co-ops have the votes to pass in the senate. but there is a risk. it could be another hurdle on the way to compromise. >> howard dean is among those
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democrats. he says health care reform will not work without a public option that allows the government to compete with private insurers. >> tonight, state officials are rejecting hundreds of bids they received in their crabbing license buyback, instead, they are offering a flat fee of $2,300 per license. the movement comes after officials say that fewer than 500 license holders submitted proposals in a reverse auction and many ask for way too much. the bids ranged from $30 to 400 to $5 million. maryland hoped to buy 2000 licenses to reduce crowding on the bay. stay with us, there is much more news ahead. >> a new plan to rid baltimore streets and yards of abandoned cars. >> rex ryan gets set for his
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return to baltimore with a comment. he stirs things up later. >> no rain, yet. but he -- heat and humidity will be increasing. your forecast is just ahead. right now, it is 85 and downtown it is 88 degrees. it is 88 degrees.
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>> and we have breaking news. let's take it out to sky team 11. what is going on? >> the 1500 block of east lafayette, a woman has been shot. paramedics are tending to the victim. we do not know how serious the injuries are.
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we do know that police received information of a possible suspect responsible and they are in the process of chasing that suspect down as we get more information on this we will inform you. >> tonight, city officials are banding together to ridden cities of abandoned vehicles. they will look for an remove abandoned vehicles on public and private property. >> abandoned cars have been a problem in the city for a long time, but today, the mayor offered a swift response. >> the tow trucks are out. the city's new push to get the cars off the street. >> left in alice and into lots and on the street, we have cars that are abandoned and vehicles that are on site full and provide a disservice to what
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goes on in the community. >> this new program is part of that. it is very much complementary. it is about what our streets look like. abandoned cars on the street, in the back yard or the front yard, they are not something that will help to do five a neighborhood. the city has fast-track the schedule. >> we wanted to help by calling and identify those vehicles and by asking residents to call 311. we know where many of those trouble spots are. >> it all goes to a good cause in the end. >> this is a local, nonprofit group and their mission is to help low-income families the chief financial and personal independence by making it possible for them to own a vehicle. >> the group was started in
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1999. the 655 of those cars were to residents of baltimore city. >> now is the time. if you had an abandoned car, the mayor says to call tonight and you will see a fast response. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast. >> it is definitely summer today. take a look at our doppler radar. some of that activity and may get a little closer to us. i want to show you a wider picture. off to our west and southwest, there is much more humid air. you can see that reflected in all this rain from the tennessee river valley and the ohio river valley to parts of illinois and missouri and the ozarks.
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some of that is from a plot that. -- some of that is from claudette. this little pocket of relatively dry air will give way to more of this tropical moisture over the next 24 hours and we will be stuck with it for awhile. let's look what happened during the day to day. it was more out there. morning lows were in the '60s to the mid-70s. there was no precipitation during the day to day. easton was 86. on the boardwalk, it was 88. take a look at the tropics. we are talking about this tropical air. we have anna which was a tropical depression. it has become quite disorganized. it is now just a wave moving
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across the caribbean. then we have bill, a full-blown hurricane. it will stay out in the atlantic and track to the northeast of the caribbean and then perhaps curve up towards bermuda. we could possibly get into the maritime provinces of canada, but it does not look like bill will be an issue. here is the satellite pictures showing some of the clouds we have had over ross. the rain is off to our southwest and west. what is left of claudette are just clouds over mississippi and alabama. the stronger storms are closer to the gulf of mexico. our main concern are a couple of fronts coming off to the west. as they get closer, more humidity.
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that will stick with us most of the week. the wins will be fairly calm. we made it to just around 90 today. an isolated thunder shower has a small chance. the insta-weather futurecast shows these range chances tomorrow and then they will disappear briefly. we have this system moving in by wednesday. there is a little better chance. once we get into saturday, things start to pull away. the humidity will drop in temperatures will be in the low 80s. >> now, sports. >> he had a trip to the airport in front of them and until this
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afternoon, he did not know he would not have their war-toa ret to baltimore. this makes sense for the orioles to part ways with their first baseman. he lands on the roster of a first-place team. they get a pitcher in exchange. with the ribbons putting a clear focus on developing a passing game, you can't miss what a special backfield they have. he has so much potential that the group needs and maine. i say that we call them/,-and smashed -- v. -- slash, dash and smash.
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this year, they have the potential to control the clock and the outcomes of games. the biggest problem is figuring out how best to carve up the number of carries. >> there is no pie of success. we want to maximize everybody success. if one running back is doing well, it is not taking away from someone else. that is all you can really do. the more players to have, the better. we won as many good players as we can have. the ravens will face the new york jets in a matter night -- a monday night match up. the coach said he does not care for the number. krueger wears no. 99. it once belonged to michael mccurry who played on the ravens super bowl team.
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he would probably love the way he played, but he definitely does not love that kruger wears his number. >> on the back of the playbooks, which used to put a collage of all the former players that have played for the ravens on defense. i am disappear that they give michaels jersey to some rookie. it's been disappointing to see a rookie with that jersey. i'm not coaching that team. >> to around, we are back with th
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>> 29, a former government attorney general is charged with hacking into 30 million accounts. tonight, at 11, how they link the man to the organization. a double shooting at inner harbor has officials taking action. what can be done to revamp the image of the inner harbor? image of the inner harbor? that
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>> summer is here in full strength. it rang chances will just with us tomorrow. then, once a thursday and friday, and that it will decrease over the weekend. >> that is not bad at all. the debenture is around 80 for the high. sunday looks like a golf date. >> 100 percent chance of august. >> thank you for joining us. nbc nightly news is next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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